The ShockWave Power Reactor

by Hydro Dynamics, Inc.

The Next Generation Reactor for the BioDiesel Industry


keep it 100 eliquid

Increased biodiesel usage is being fueled by America’s need to be less dependent on foreign oil and new government regulations. 

Present US production levels of biodiesel are approximately 80 million gallons/year and are projected to exceed 3 billion gallons by 2012.

From the Fields to the Pump

Feedstock flexibility can be a key component to success in biodiesel production.  In order to economically meet increasing biodiesel demand, multiple feedstocks will need to be used.  The Shockwave Power™ Reactor cavitation technology provides an advantage over most conventional technology due to the ability to run cheaper and varied feedstock such as crude degummed soy or chicken fat without compromising results.

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Last modified: 02/26/07

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