The ShockWave Power Reactor

by Hydro Dynamics, Inc.

The Next Generation Reactor for the BioDiesel Industry


ModelApprox. Throughput Flowrate (gpm)Appox. Throughput Annual Capacity* (MM gal/yr)Appox. Draw (hp)Appox. Footprint (feet)
SPR BD 1503501506006.0 x 11.0
SPR BD 1002001004006.0 x 11.0
 SPR BD 75150753004.0 x 7.5
SPR BD 50115502004.0 x 7.5
SPR BD 3575301204.0 x 7.5
SPR BD 2550251003.0 x 6.5
SPR BD 153015603.0 x  6.5
SPR BD 7157302.5 x 5.0
SPR BD 353122.0 x 4.3
SPR BD 12142.0 x 4.0
* Assumes total throughput (methanol/catalyst/feedstock) and continuous annual operation with 90% uptime.

Each SPR is engineered from high quality components and built for reliability and durability.  The robust stainless steel construction, easy to use control system, small footprint, and quiet operation make the SPR an excellent reactor for biodiesel production.

For more information please e-mail or call (678) 388-9312 or (706) 234-4111
Last modified: 02/26/07

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